How Restaurants should Use Social Media

Restaurants use social media to connect with customers in fun, useful, and creative ways. Here are some of the ways restaurants should use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram:

  • Post high-quality items of food
  • Post seasonal, daily, or weekly menus
  • Showcase customer content
  • Communicate with customers
  • Share recipes
  • Show behind the scenes shots and videos
  • Highlight employees like chefs, servers, bartenders, and others

Example of using social media marketing


4 Reasons why customers do not order online via your websites

  • Website is not user friendly like just-eat and Uber Eat
  • The payment system is not secured
  • The ordering process is complex on your website.
  • No social media presence

By having a website, customers get a feel for the restaurant or takeaway and for what kind of food is served. The design of the website should reflect the design of the establishment, making it easier for customers to decide whether it is what they are looking for. To do that it needs to be your site - made specially to promote just you and your food.

When it comes to paying online, research shows 70% of online customer does not want to use a credit card unless they are satisfied with the website. it is very important to demonstrate to your customer the credibility of your website.

If your website is not user-friendly while placing an order, this will lead to losing your regular customer.

No doubt, digital payments have become widespread among people. However, there can be seen hesitation in some and they do not use the digital options to make the payment due to fear.

Their reluctance is not wrong but most of the points that they consider the website is not secure and worry about stealing their personal and financial data.